'For a selected item' flow as an action in a PowerApp?

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Hey All,

I've created a flow that works off the "For a Selected Item" and it works well.  The SharePoint item, we start from has a customized PowerApp form setup.

Is there a way to put a button on the PowerApp form that launches the "For a Selected Item" flow?

When I add the action to a button, it tells me that there are no flows and prompts me to create one.  If I create one from Scratch, it doesn't let me pull in the details as I do on my existing Flow.


Any suggestions?  Or is this a new idea?



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Hi, We only trigger the flow which starts from the PowerApps . I think we cannot trigger the list item flow from PowerApps untill you start create it from PowerApps.

Hi @Scott Perley , the reason for this is because the "For a selected item" trigger is tied to SharePoint, whereas when you put a PowerApp in place you can only interact directly with Flows which have a PowerApp trigger. I will have a look to see if there's anything which can be done to change that, but as far as I know there's not.


So it might be worth considering your options, which I'll keep quite high level as I don't know the ins and outs of your solution.


1. Change you trigger so that it runs on something happening on the list item - this unfortunately means that you can't directly fire the Flow from your SharePoint list or from your PowerApp.


2. Consider using a sub-flow type architecture where you have a Flow which contains your main logic which is then called by two other Flows: one against the When an item is selected for the SharePoint list, and one on a PowerApps trigger for your PowerApps form. This way, the bulk of the functionality is stored centrally, but you can still call it from different areas.


I hope that helps, and if you need any more info please let me know.

Thanks @Muhammad Hassan Nawaz  That's what I was afraid of...

Thanks @Matt Weston 


I'll try those suggestions out.  I like the idea of the sub-flow.  It's not something I've done yet.


The flow that I run today, prompts the user for a couple more details that are not available on the selected item and then generates a document (populate a word doc)


I was hoping that because I am effectively working with an item, it could be considered the "selected item" and would then work the same as doing it from the list view.  Our users work from a webpart looking at the individual item and rarely visit the list view.

@Scott Perley but you can run flow by using column fromatting for a selected item.

But you can run flow for a selected item using column formatting by using action button to gave this button flow id.

Thanks @Muhammad Hassan Nawaz 

I have done that but my users aren't generally in the list when they interact with the list items. They get a link to the item and then work from the powerapp.

I was hoping to not have them leave the PowerApp when they work with it.