Flow with for a selected file trigger does not appear for some users

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I have a flow with the trigger "For a selected file" and I can see it by clicking on its three dot menu and then going down to power automate and seeing it as one of the options. My users who have full control of the site and are the ones I am developing the flow for say they do not get this option in the power automate menu. Is there something else I need to do for them to see it?

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I have no answer for this, maybe you have to give them also permissions to the flow?

At least this could be a workarround:



@Nico Weber Thanks for the reply. I actually did try implementing this and for the people who don't see it appear in their automate menu, they click the button and nothing happens. Meanwhile for others the typical box appears on the right side with the blue button to "Run Flow"


We're hoping to not have to add people directly as owners of the flow because people move in and out of teams in our organization and that would be too much to maintain. So we've set it by adding the library as an owner of the flow so theoretically anybody with edit rights should be able to see and use the flow but that hasn't happened.

@klaw-sha Were you able to find the answer ? I have a similar question.

Any chance that is a licensing issue? Have them check their subscriptions and make sure it's listed.

Go to https://portal.office.com/account > Subscriptions




Hi everyone !

Facing the same issue excepted that I am the owner of the flow (running on trial environment) and I am owner of the sharepoint site.

Help please. I can't seem to find out what's going on

Same for me, I’m the flow creator and site owner on the site containing the selected file.  When I use the 3-dot menu or right-click, I can’t get this flow to show up under “Automate.”

Update: I do see my flow show up in the context menu on OneDrive, but not the SharePoint library/file browser web part. Perhaps this is the intended functionality for this trigger.

@ntompkins Are you checking the flow in "Document Library" web part added on SharePoint modern page? 

Note: Document library web part does not support all the functionalities as of SharePoint default Document library view. 

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