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Hi All! I will attempt to state the following as clearly as possible :) 


I have a flow set up to send me a notification. It's triggered when the SharePoint List column 'Development Date' (date format) hits 90 days past the specified date. At times this can be multiple line items that have the same Development Date. This works well with no problems. My next goal I am hoping can be accomplished is to have the flow send an email to the individual who is tied to that respective line item/row. It is a column in the List, 'Point of Contact'. I don't see an issue with this if there was ONLY one line item that hits the +90 day 'Development Date', but this sounds tricky when there are multiple line items. My hope is to have the automation look at the first column, 'Opportunity', and send an email to the Point of Contact that is tied to that Opportunity without including the other line items that DO NOT pertain to that specific individual. The email context will be the same other than those dynamic field. I was thinking that I couldn't leverage the Switch Control condition because the 'Opportunity' does not equal the same every time. Opportunity names change and Point of Contacts change per opportunity.


Please let me know if I can further clarify any of the above! Thanks in advance and much appreciated!

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The first filter is based on the 90+ days. I am not clear on what you are trying to achieve with 'Opportunity' field. Once the items are filtered you can loop in the items and send an email based on one of the fields to the respective users. The complication is when you try to collate all the items for a person to send all the relevant items in one email. If you are sending multiple emails then I don't think there is a problem.

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@MatanG6 use the SharePoint Get items action with a filter query for the development date +90 days (and if there are likely to be more than 100 returned from your list go to settings for this action, turn on the pagination toggle and increase the threshold). Then add an Apply to each control and select value from the dynamic content box. Next, inside the apply to each you can add the Send an email (v2) action and select the Point of Contact column from the SharePoint list in the To field.


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