Flow to look for blank fields in a SharePoint list - then email the row owner (person)

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Hello folks, 

I am new to Power Automate  and was hoping someone might be able to help. I have multiple SharePoint Lists that I manage, looking for help on a flow that will:

- On a recurring basis

- Go to a specific list on a SharePoint site

- In all these lists, each row has an owner - a field set up as a person or Group

- If there is missing data, in two other specific fields in that row, i.e. if X field and Y field are blank

- then send an email to the person associated with that row in the list


Any ideas?


Many thanks

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Should be pretty simple to setup, just will take a bit of logic to build into the flow.

1. Create a schedule flow
2. Use Get Items from List sharepoint action with a filter of <Column 1> eq Null OR <Column 2> eq Null
3. Apply to Each action using the output of (2) - send an email to the owner or item found

That is the logic process you need to implement. Search for SharePoint REST query to workout the specific syntax or you could use a conditional action and perform the "If Column1 is Null" do and action also.

Have Fun!