Flow set to trigger when item is modified running several times an hour with no modifications

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I have a flow that has a trigger 'when a list item is modified.' It's in an environment that only I can access. I went a week without logging into the site at all, let alone adding or modifying anything. Yesterday, I discovered that it run several hundred times already that day. Any ideas as to what is triggering this?

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More than one flow triggering back and forth? If you look at the flow run history, you can look at the inputs of the trigger and see what and or the data coming in etc. Check there and you should be able to find your answer.

Hi Kelly


There is a log that shows if the trigger is in fact you or someone else, its here, https://admin.flow.microsoft.com/tenant/quotas/  take a look at the csv


Also if you want to post a screenshot of the trigger statement we may be able to work it out for you