Flow - pulling correlated value from a list to assign as a variable

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I have a list with our 3 offices listed and we have an HR Approver and a Finance approver for new hires. I would like to plug in the approvers into my approval workflow as a variable based on which location which is a value "Location" in the form.


My equation looks like this:

HR-Approver where Locations eq DynamicVariable copy.jpg


I know the "Where" clause is not valid. How would one achieve this?


The example is someone in the Dallas office submits a request for approval I want "Jill" to show up in the workflow as the approver.


In Nintex this is really easy. With Flow I am confused as to how to achieve a similar result. I created a variable called HR-Approver and am trying to assign the approver whose location matches the location passed in the form to that variable.


Guidance would be appreciated.

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Hi @Deleted,


I couldn't tell from your post where you're deriving the LOCATION variable in your screenshot for the formula. As I understand it, that LOCATION would have to be derived from the Requestor's location. I'm not sure how you're doing that now. 


Having said that, I created a similar SharePoint list to yours:












And I created a basic Flow with a SharePoint 'Get Items' action, with a Filter Query:


















Where "Location" matches exactly the internal name of the SharePoint column, and for the time-being I'm hard-coding the location I want. This properly queries the SharePoint list, and returns the one record that has location of "Dallas."




Hopefully, that gives you a sense for the OData filter syntax. Let me know how you're deriving the requestor's location. 


Once you do get the Location in a variable and use it in the filter, you might need to surround it with single quotes:




Hope this helps.