Flow not writing to correct day/time in SharePoint calendar

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Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone here can help me.  Here's the situation.  I created a Flow for PTO requests.
  • Employee enters PTO request in SharePoint list
  • An approval request email is then sent to the employee's manager or director
  • Once the manager approves the request, an email is generated to let the employee know AND the approved PTO is automatically written to a SharePoint calendar.
This was all working perfectly up until the beginning of this week.  The only thing I can think of is maybe this has something to do with daylight savings time.  Now everything in the Flow works, but when it gets to the part where it's supposed to automatically write the approved PTO to the SharePoint calendar, it is writing it to the day before and with weird hours included.  For example:  the request is for Wednesday 11/13 (all day), but it is being written to 11/12 starting at 4pm to like 12am or something like that.
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Hi @Nina_G_Serrano 


If you haven't already tried it, use Convert time zone to properly set the calendar time/date.




Should help with your calendar issues.





@Damien RosarioHi Damien.  I tried it, and it didn't work.  Thanks though. 

Hi @Nina_G_Serrano 


Did you use UTC as the source time? It needs to be UTC for it to work.


Hope you find an answer to your issue!