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I have create a flow with mail conector , and i want to know is it possible to send this unique mail to all the company(more than 1000). In the 'to' field i use a group that contains all de directions and i have read that there are api calls limits but i dont know how this limits affect.


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@DaniFC if you use the Send an email notification (V3) action it can only send 100 emails in any 24 hour period. So it will take many days to send 1000 emails. If you use the Send an email (V2) action or the Send an Email from a Shared Mailbox it can send 900 emails every 60 seconds.


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Thanks @RobElliott ;)

@RobElliott Those 900 emails every 60 seconds - is there a maximum amount? I've been looking through Microsoft's documentation but couldn't find a specific answer in the context of using "Send from a shared mailbox".

We have use cases where emails could potentially be sent to 10,000 or more users. If those can be sent at a rate of 900 emails every 60 seconds, that would be fine. Is that possible?

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@DaniFC Also note there is a limit of 10,000/items per 24h. We use 3 different mailboxes XYZ1 XYZ2 XYZ3, etc. when we exceed 10,000. We included a mechanism in PowerAutomate to switch automatically, once the limit is reached. 

Rob, thank you so much for posting this. I'm new to Power AUtomate and the flow throttle thing was driving me crazy. Why is V3 even an option? Seems to do everything Send an Email V2 can do with the added limitation of 100/24 hours.

Anyways, thank you again.
Send an email notification (V3) is an option because it sends the email from Microsoft rather than your own email or a shared mailbox.

@RobElliott As it uses Outlook, it floods the 'sent' folder. Is there a way to bypass this or delete autoforwarded emails from sent folder?

Could you share how you made the mechanism to automatically switch mailboxes? Also, I hit a ~600 limit on a list of ~9,000, and the flow just stopped. Is there a way to have it automatically progress through the list?