Flow for reuse within an excel spreadsheet

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Good morning, I would like some assistance please.

I have a spreadsheet that gets filled with notes from the team, some of the notes have tasks and some don't. 

what I would like is a flow, that I can run on a cell with a due date in it, and have an email sent to me on that date.

I would also like to apply this to other tasks across the spreadsheet.

is this within the scope of flows?

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Hi @aaronbullock , it's definitely within the scope of a Flow, though I would recommend the use of a SharePoint list over a spreadsheet. That having been said, if we assume that the spreadsheet contains a correctly formatted table my initial thought would be to consider a scheduled Flow, running daily. The Flow would loop through each record (based on criteria you would set to minimise the data set in the loop) and trigger an email if the due date matched todays date. The date format in the spreadsheet will be important if you're to get consistent evaluation by the Flow. It's simpler and less subject to user error if using a SharePoint list for such things but I know that spreadsheets are more familiar to many.