Flow - Email To Address Display Name

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Steps to reproduce the Issue:

  • Create an email pbidistro@domain.com
  • Set the name on the email as "PBI Distro"
  • From Flow send email using SMTP or Gmail action.
  • Receive email with Display Name as pbidistro

In SMTP action, we have also tried the following in From field: 

  • "PBI Distro <PBIDistro@domain.com>"
  • "PBI Distro (PBIDistro@domain.com)"


So, is there a way to edit "Display Name" while sending an email through flow?

We want to make sure the email's "Display Name" looks pretty when user receives the email.

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Came across this post looking for the answer, so I'll post what worked for me.

Use the SMTP Connector.

In your flow, initialize a variable, name it whatever you want, set the initial value to Test<test@test.com> don't use quotes, obviously change this to be whatever you want to use as your From email address. Then in the send email action, choose the variable as your From email address and it works like a charm.
We'll test again.
When did you first saw this work?

I created the flow today, it's working fine.

Flow runs successfully.

@NLT-FlowAdmin  My email id id XXX@Abc.com. I want to trigger an email from my SharePoint with some dummy email id like yyy@abc.com.  I followed your steps uisng initialize variable.

But I got an error message "Not authorized to send on behalf of others. Could you please explain bit detail? 

You're not using the SMTP connector.