Flow email task - include attachments

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We have a PowerApp that allows the user to attach a document...

In the Flow we need to include the attachments (if there are any) to an outgoing email...


But I can't see any way of doing that?


How can this be done?

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Assuming these are list item attachments, you can use the get attachments and get attachment content actions. And once you have these, you can pass them to an Outlook E-mail action using the name and attachment content in your attachment fields. These will loop through each incase you have multiple attachments. Just keep in mind that attachments from Powerapps are limited to 10MB in SharePoint list attachments. 



This is my task too, to figure out. We need to attach documents from Document Libraries to an email and send it to the requesting user via flow. 

Hello Chris, after 'Get Attachments' and 'Get Attachment Content', is it possible to copy the list item attachments to another list?  I have not been able to find a way to copy list item attachments to another list.  But I could copy list item attachments to a document library folder.  




@Chris Webb I am doing a flow that is meant to send an email every time a Microsoft Form is submitted. Within that email I am trying to add a hyperlink or attachment so they can add the event to their calendar regardless of email platform. I've tried the icloud calendar option, by saving the calendar to a shared OneDrive folder and then doing a hyperlink in the flow email, but this flow failed. 


Is it possible to add it as an attachment maybe? Of so, how if it is for individuals outside of my organization. Is SharePoint needed?