Flow create and delete sharepoint list item

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im stuck at the creating and deleting item in sharepoint list B item.


I got 2 sharepoint list A & B.

List A is the trigger site when user create/modify/delete will either create/delete List B


List A with company name, Title and etc, List B will have Company name , title ....



List A                                                                                               |                 List B

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A1                                                                      |                 A1

A2   (created into List B when created)             |                 B4 -> (delete from list B)

B1                                                                       |                 B1

C1                                                                       |                 C1

D1  (created into List B when created)               |                 D4 -> (delete from list B)


anyone can help?




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Hello! Would be helpful if you send a Mindmap or anything Else... i can‘ t understand so far what you are trying to achieve ... or send it with Visio Maps pls. Greets , Eva

if you still have questions on that, reply here, as I had a similar problem (that I solved ;) )