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One thing that is VERY nice about LogicApps is the ability to go to the "Code View" which enables a team to take the JSON markup for a process and use that to technically "import" into another, which enables a nice deployment strategy between environments (think DEV / Stage / Prod).


This feature would also be nice, as it would enable people to promote a Flow to LogicApps as many people may start a Flow from a "citizen developer" and then want to make it more reusable and shared across a managed team (even more than just the Team Flows).


I haven't been able to locate this type of functionality request on any published roadmap, so figured I post the question here.

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Just found this suggested idea out in the PowerUsers community section (which seems to be the UserVoice equivalent for Flow):

best response confirmed by Brian Caauwe (Contributor)

And even better... even better support for Export / Import including ready to port to LogicApps is being added as Q2 updates listed here: