Flow cannot be installed - Location based trigger

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Whenever I create a flow based on the Location based trigger, I receive the error "Flow cannot be installed': 2019-10-07 06_17_12-Edit your flow _ Microsoft Flow.png

Does anybody have the same issue? I tested some flows like this a month ago and perfectly worked!

Thanks in advance.

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@Ferran Chopo Garcia    Haven't seen it. Maybe see if you have a connector for it and remove it? 


Anyway, best place might be to ask on official flow forum here: Microsoft Flow Community - Power Users Community

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Hi @Ferran Chopo Garcia,


Same error in multiple tenants. I'm guessing its an issue on their end.


I hope this helps.



@Norman Young, I'm also seeing the same issue.  I have a Location action followed by a post to Teams channel.  Interesting after 1+ months, this hasn't been resolved.

Hello @thekurteichler 


I received some support by Microsoft on this issue, and it is due to the rollout of the trigger in all tenants (previouslu, it was in preview). So, by now it should work.


Hope it helps!


@Ferran Chopo Garcia hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm still getting this issue, will raise a flag in the proper flow forum, but wanted to post this here, in case people find this and need a fellow flow-er in need. :cry:


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EDIT - Come be my friend if you find this ...


Still has the same error after more than a year.

 I guess this is not so high on their list.


Go MS you can do it.


Found some extra info


Apparantly this has or has not been released yet.

looks like it's still giving the error.  The connector shows in preview as well.  Although in preview, I figured MS would put out something that at least works.

@thekurteichler @Ferran Chopo Garcia 


Just checking if you're seeing this error when you try testing the flow? Or you can't save it due to the error? I've seen this in testing, because for the geofence trigger you must test by actually triggering it physically (entering or leaving the area). I agree that the error message is very unclear on that point.

If you're not near the area you wish your flow to trigger on, you could temporarily create a small nearby area for testing purposes.

Does this help you...?


@Sandy Ussia I'm seeing the error when testing the flow, not when saving it. In any case, a year ago or so it worked liked a charm, even when testing it in a different area other than my current location. I agree with you I could test it in my current location using my phone, but I don't thinks that is a final solution for this issue.

Thank you anyway!