Flow as a business operations integration platform

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I like the look of Flow but I wanted some feedback on whether this app can be considered ready for regular business operations. We currently use Dell-Boomi, an integration-platform-as-a-service, to pull orders from a RestAPI ecommerce site and push them into a RestAPI ERP system. This process runs every 10-15 minutes 24/7 365 and pushes hundreds of orders a day. 


Can Flow be used for this? Is it stable and reliable enough to rely on for this functionality?


I saw that I can create custom connectors for RestAPI systems so both of the endpoints should be accessible.

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Hi @Scot Sunnergren,


You probably could indeed use Flow for this, however I would also consider Azure Function Apps. With function Apps you could run jobs on a regular basis. Or you could trigger them by calling a Url. With Fucniton Apps you can develop your code that runs in C#, F# Javascript , PowerShell, TypeScript and many more languages.