Flow Approvals connector error

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I have a user who has set up a Flow with an Approval, however, when it runs he gets an error message stating "you have reached the maximum number of connections for the 'approvals' API"


I've Googled this and can find one or two mentions but no solutions.


The user has two Flows with Approvals in them both have this error. I've asked him to delete the Approvals connection and recreate but when he tries this he gets an "Invalid Connection" error when he tries to connect the Approval connector.


I can't replicate this at all. The user is correctly licensed for Flow with an E3 licence.

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Hello @Terry Hagan,


I had the same problem today and found no solution for this issue. Right now, I found out that this error message is related to blocked domains/connections/assets when you use something like the FireFox plugin called NoScript. After I allowed some blacklisted/non-whitelisted Azure and Microsoft domains, I was able to connect.


I'm aware that this thread is old but if anybody else faces this issue in the future . . . ;)


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Hi, thanks for the reply!