Flow and Planner

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Are there any plans to allow Flows to be initiated from data in Planner or allow the ceation of Planner Plans /  Plan Entities via Flow?

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According to a message posted in the "old" Office 365 network, the team will add Planner support in the future...

The future is now.  Seems silly that you can connect SP list items and send to Slack and vice versa but you can't do the same with two products on the same tenant.  Come on Microsoft product team, get on the ball!

May I ask you something: what's your understanding of a product that is in preview / ready to be released in its first version?

OK...This post was done 9 months ago.  Still no support for Planner. 

Finally this integrtion is available now.


True, unfortunately Planner does not support any "trigger" functions