Filling SharePoint List Image Column Type with Attachments to Microsoft Forms Using Microsoft Flow

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We have Microsoft Form which my company uses to collect the information of company employees during onboarding. We use that form to populate a SharePoint List/Microsoft List.

However, when we use the 'Create Item' action, the Image Type columns are absent. We have been using a workaround so far by using the 'Hyperlink or Picture' column type and tricking the system a little. It works well in the online version of Lists.

However, the lists that appear in the Microsoft Teams do not show the image. Instead, they only show the URL. Therefore, we would now like to avoid these workarounds and use the Image Column type directly for this purpose. I know there are certain constructs using the "Send HTTP Request to SharePoint" Action to achieve this. However, the only tutorials I have come across explain how to achieve this with an input from PowerApps and none of them being an input from Microsoft Forms.

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