Feasibility - For multiple users, update a SharePoint list when they update a calendar

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We would like to have a SharePoint list that shows all people who are out of the office for the day.  Creating a list that people manually add to and update is simple.  But what if we want the list to auto-populate  and update coinciding with the addition or change for the any of the people's calendars?  So for example, for a department, if anyone of the employees creates something on their calendar with a status of "Out of Office," then automatically create an entry in the SharePoint list.  Then if that employee modified the same item on their calendar, we would want to update the corresponding item in the SharePoint list.


Is this possible/feasible?

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This would need to be individual Power Automate Flows for each user.
Trigger: When an event is added, updated, or deleted
- Trigger Condition/Condition: If Show As = "oof" or "away"
- Create/Update Item in SharePoint list

Each user in the department will need to create this workflow, so it will be a maintenance nightmare. Also, people will need to specifically mark their events as OOO or Away.

The other option is to simply create a shared calendar and invite that to their events.
Well hello Jonathan! Thanks for the reply. Yeah I could think of anything except for a per user flow. So for your option to create a shared calendar - can you say a little more? Are you talking about from Outlook Calendar, an individual creates a new blank calendar and shares it? or are you talking about creating something in the tenant, like a Team or shared mailbox?
Well that's an excellent question. I'm not a Groups specialist, so I'll have to research that for you before I can give you a viable answer.
I did play around with a shared mailbox and I think that would work. Thanks for your time!