Event registration and welcome email with flow/powerapps?

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Since Iam not a programmer, I have trouble coming up with a solution for the following scenario:


I have s customized sharepoint list with a) the invited people (Office365 account name as column) and b) a checkbox column to mark those people who will actually attend the event.

Based on that I created a powerapp that lets me mark the checkbox during the reception of the event.


Now this marking persons as checked in to the event should trigger a welcome email to each marked attendee with a welcome message and a link to the event programme (will be made available via sharepoint aswell).


So my biggest issue is coming up with the flow "formula". Since I don't have any programming experinces, I am quite helpless :)

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Hi @Benedikt Scheerer,


I see you posted this question ages ago. Just stumbled up to it. Hope you still benefit from an answer.


There are several things you could do in the scenario you describe,

You could trigger a Flow sending the e-mail but you could also directly send the email through an action in PowerApps with the Office 365 Outlook connector.

I kind of prefer Flow in scenario's like this, since it provides you with the run history out of the box.

When you use Flow you again have several options in what you use to trigger the Flow. You could use the update on the SharePoint-list as a trigger, but that would be the more complex approach because you would have to add some logic to determine the exact update (the marking of the checkbox) that should result in the sending of the email.

In this case I would use the PowerApps connector in Flow to trigger the Flow based on an action in your PowerApp. You could ad an action to the oncheck property of your checkbox in PowerApps to run your Flow and pass through to the Flow the information of the item and the user you want to send the email to. The email content you can define within your Flow.


Let me know if this works for you.


Hi @Rebekka Aalbers-de Jong,


wow - thanks for this long reply :-). I will try to figure out the seconf option you mentioned. If it works, I will post it here. Thanks so much again for your help.

@Benedikt Scheerer Hey there, @Benedikt Scheerer  -- I could certainly  use a similar solution.  If you were able to get it working, would you be willing to share it?