Escalate dynamic approval (multi users) with Mail-tips and Time-out to replacements

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I have a (dynamic)list with approvers and replacements that I use in Automate Flow (see picture below) with a check if at least one user has not a out-of-office and if not, escalate it to replacements by adding them 'VarDepVervangers' = mail1; mail2; mail3; ... to the first approver group (2nd approver column) + a time out check.


1) OOF (mail tips) only works with 1 email. With multi emails separated with ';' I get a

"code": "ErrorInvalidUser". Solution(video like reza dorrani escalation and time out but for multi-approvers)?
2) With time-out my second approval starts, but my first approval still works?? and there's no 'already approved' for the other approver(s)group after 1 approving.
Approvers List:


Sharepoint 365 Automate Flow:

Mail-Tips (works for 1 approver)





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