Error due to language settings when using Flows to provision libraries/lists on SharePoint

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I was trying to use Flows to provision a list on SharePoint. Which is a handy method if you want to make a PowerApp available for another tenant, or for a client. When I was orienting how to do it, I found various sources that showed how to do that (excellent examples provided by  @April Dunnam and @Audrie Gordon ).

But the flows caused an error, which I really had not expected, but was very trivial: the views that you use in a SPO list or library are translated into the language locale you are working in. So for example, the default view of a list is 'All Items' in the English language locale, but it is "Alle Items" in the Dutch locale!


Conclusion: be aware of this effect (and offer a solution) if you are going to develop an App that requires a list or Library and deploy the App by packaging a flow with it to set up a list or library!


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@TuaRes-IT   This problem is throughout the SharePoint REST API.  For any collection object, be it Lists or Views or anything else, you get a choice of two methods: getByTitle(), which is dependent on the language of the user, and getByID or (guid'{guid}'), which is not portable between sites.  It's a major flaw in that API, which has never been addressed, and the Graph API is better. It separates name and displayname better than the REST API.

@Martin Laplante  Thank you Martin!


And as I was reading your post, I saw a link to an exposé by @John Liu. As I see it, he proposes another way to add a new field of a list to a view: using the "AddToDefaultView'. Which, I guess, is 99% chance that it will be the "All items" view, whatever the language settings. Nice!