Email notification flow for sharepoint list not working

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I have for the last few months had a MS Flow setup that emails me a notification every time an item is added to a sharepoint list.


In the past I was able to insert dynamic content in the body of the email of the type Choice from my sharepoint list. Starting about a month ago I can no longer insert choice values in the body of my notification email. I first noticed this when the flow started failing. I tried to modify it and noticed that everytime I inserted a choice value now, the flow builder gui would go into a For Each loop on the value I inserted, throwing the whole notification flow off.


I tried to get support on the flow forums but have been unsuccessful. The thread is below if you would like to review it. I can also post screenshots if needed.

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I just recently created a flow to send out an invitation to multiple users, who are taken from a people column allowing multiple entries.

In the flow, any reference to the people columns turns into a for each loop. The way I worked around this, was to use the loop to add the people e-mail address into an array variable.

This variable I then used in the invitation using the function join(variable,';'), which gave me the e-mail addresses with semicolon between.

Maybe you now need to do something similar! The attached image shows two steps from the Flow, the variable definition and the loop.

Kind regards, John