Effect of change in Microsoft Flow on ongoing flow runs

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I am trying to understand how changes in flow in Microsoft Flow (triggering series of approvals when a new item is added to document library) will be affected when linked flow is changed (e.g. by adding/removing approval stages/adding new e-mails of approvals). Once change in Flow is saved will it be so that only new Flow runs that started after saving change will be affected by this change? Is there any risk that running flow runs (flows that started before making change to the flow logic) will be corrupted by such change to flow? Thanks!

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Hi @Alexandra S. Flow will run the actions which were assigned to it at the point that it was triggered. Only if the Flow is forced to restart or it breaks it's existing cycle will it then run the new actions.

Thanks Matt I was looking for this all over.


Additional question to that, what happens to flow when there is update in list structure? Like I have added one mandatory field and there are existing flow running which should update item once approved.


I hope they will break because they don't have value to feed for that column but would be great to get your intel.


Thanks in advance:)