E-mail to Outlook Customer Manager Receiving Error

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I am receiving this error when creating the following flow: 


The goal is to update Business Contacts in outlook customer manager when an e-mail arrives. 


I receive this error when trying to save the flow






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Hi @JoelSLH 


It means that the field is required and needs to have some form of input which you haven't provided as yet.


With the trigger you have used, I do not believe there is currently a way to extract the First and Last names to create a business contact. You can input an email and perhaps use the email address to also be the First name of the contact (use From) and then update the contact card later?


Another step in the process to alert you would do that.


Best wishes


@Damien Rosario I am not following what input is needed from me. Outlook is able to extract the first and last name from an e-mail when using Outlook Customer Manager on a Windows Desktop. 


This is my first foray into creating a Microsoft flow "workflow" - -any advice next steps to create this flow would be greatly appreciated. 

Hi @JoelSLH 


I don't think Flow allows you to extract the first name and last name to use in creating your new Business contact record.


I was suggesting to use dynamic content field From in both the First name field and the email address field in Create a business contact. This way at least your contact will be created but you'd need to update the fields with relevant info such as the First/Last name of the sender.


Outlook Customer Manager on Windows Desktop and Microsoft Flow operate differently.


I hope that makes sense?