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i'm trying to make a workflow with powerautomate on sharepoint.

when we create a new item i would like than some fiels are hidden or need autorization to be modified.

is it possible?


and for the workflow, i have introduced approbation. is it possible for vacation for example to delegate approbation to another person?





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Hi @Bruno62,

You can not apply different permissions on some fields in a SharePoint list, only on the whole item.
But you can create two lists:

  • One with the main data fields
  • One with the data fields you want to protect. Give that list different permissions
  • Create a lookup Column from the first List to the second list and pull all columns as projected columns into the first list
  • Now you can see all columns in a view of the first list, but you have to go to the second list to edit the additional columns,.

If creating two list items is to complicated for your users than either
Create a Form with all fields and a PowerAutomate Flow that saves the data into two lists or
Create a Canvas PowerApp with all the fields and use that to store the date in the two lists.


Or just set the fields to hidden and hope that no one of your users finds a way to change them.
To do that, got to the "New Item" Form of your list, select the arrow down in the upper right corner and then select "Edit Columns"


Now either remove the checkmark in front of a column to always hide the column or press the three dots right to a column name to enter a conditional formula

In this example i use a choice column "Status" with the options "UnLocked" and "Locked" and i want to hide both the "Status" column and the "Other Column" to be hidden when the status is locked.


So i enter this formula for both fields

=if([$Status] == 'Locked', 'false', 'true')


And for delegation of approvals during vacations:
That is not an Out-of-the-Box feature. 

I would create a SharePoint List to solve that.

  • In that list I would add a "Person" column and call it "Responsible for Approval".
  • Then in my flow i would fetch that user from the list and send the Approval to them.
  • If that user is on holiday, then they have to make sure that their replacement is entered in that SharePoint List

Best Regards,

Thank you very much for your response !
i will do like this !!!

thanks again !
hi , there is juste some problems for checkbox, i can't import with lookup the result in a another list.
have you a solution?