Delay until expires after 30 days, alternative

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I got power automate flow that has delay until step to send an email, delay until expires after 30 days and the flow fails. Haven't found any alternatives to this for now but maybe there is something?

One option might be to run separate flows instead of one. I use this for new employee creation.





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You could store the date on which the mail should be sent in a SharePoint list column or Dataverse column (You might already have a datastructure to store the new employee information).

Then create a Power Automate flow that checks daily if there are items that require an email to be sent today.

I would recommend you the same as @SvenSieverding 

Store the date in an extra column and let a flow check daily.


The second solution could be to start a childflow which one could send the mail. After maybe 25 days of run the flow starts a child flow (the same) and ends the current flow. (U use a loop)


Here is a step by step description for your solution:

Thank you guys, will try this option with date in sharepoint list as I got it already setup. I was thinking before about parent-child solution but seems like the first option would be better.