date problem when customize form with powerapps

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Hi, I'm using powerapps to customize my form to display or hide some columns based on a certain value of one of my column in sharepoint online modern.

I'm able to do the work but when I finished, I found the date field displays  in a strange way.

Here is the example. This is the default view, with title, entry date, application category,start date and end date.


When I apply the customized view, There's application category,start date and end date. And the date field is shown in a strange way.


Can I have the default date format with customized view?Can I get some help? Thanks.

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Hi, do you mean by strange the fact that the times are separate from the date? That is due to the fact that there is no datetime picker control yet in PowerApps but only a date picker. To select the time part of the datetime separate pick lists are used and the result is the space between the date and time elements of the date time. You could simply drag and drop the controls a little bit closer, but it will be different from the standard form.

Thanks,that explains it.I will try the workaround and wait for further updates if there is