Creating One Collection From 2 SP Lists OR Merging 2 Collections Per a Common ID


I have 2 collections that I have successfully merged into a single collection using a common ID column.  The only issue is that one of the columns ("Opportunity_x002d_Update") is not present in the new thirdCollectionUpdate collection.  

Instead of creating 2 collections from 2 SP lists and then merge them, is it possible to create one collection from the 2 SP lists joining them on the common ID field? The common ID field is "Title" in the '' and "Deal_x002d_Ref_x002d_ID" in the 
'Deal-Updates' SP List. 

'Deal-Intake-App' SP List. 


I have tried everything I can think of to get this additional column added but I am out of ideas.
Any recommendations are appreciated. 
Collections JOINING Two Collections 20210218.PNG

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