Creating Navigation From Excel File Data Source - 99% There But Can't Solve It

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I am creating a canvas app and am almost complete creating the reusable navigation bar to use to navigate between the screens. I inserted a new gallery using an simple 2-column Excel file for my data source. The columns are "Name" (user-friendly screen name) & "TableRef" (use for the Navigate function which is the actual screen name). So "Name" would contain the text I want on the navigation bar and "TableRef" would contain the string used when navigating to another screen. Header and first row of Excel file is below.

powerapps navigation question excel.PNG

I have successfully inserted a gallery (gallery name is "Navigation") and connected it to my data source and the names of each item are correctly displayed as expected by using ThisItem.Name which reads from my Excel file.

powerapps navigation question.PNGI just can't determine how to complete it. IF I choose to use the ">" to place the Navigate function OnSelect, what code do I use to navigate between screens? I have tried: 

Navigate(ThisItem.TableRef, Fade)
Navigate(Navigation.Selected.TableRef, Fade)

Neither works and I know I am close.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. 


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In retrieving content from my Excel file, I am using ThisItem.Name for text so why can't I use Navigate(ThisItem.TableRef) for OnSelect?

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@Deleted, Do you have pages created within the app already that correspond to the navigation locations you want to use?


If so, you can use Navigate(<pagename>, Fade)for each of the items. 


Then on each of the pages you can reference back to the gallery selection by setting the Item formula to <galleryname>.Selected



@NHelgren - Sorry for the slow reply.   I am marking yours as the solution. Thx!