Creating an Azure AD Contact from Flow

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I have a use case where once a contact is added to a SharePoint list I want that contact to be added to Azure AD and then add that contact to an Azure AD group.  But I can't any flow actions to create contacts and add them to a group, only to create Azure AD users and then add them to groups.  Does anyone know of an existing action or how to easily set one up?


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Hi @BrucePmg 


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It might be just me, but I'm not quite following your scenario here.


You want to create an account for the contact in the SharePoint list and add it to an Azure AD group, I'm not quite following what type of record a contact record is (e.g. are you talking Outlook contact) and how it's then linked to Azure AD group?


I'm only aware of the Azure AD new user option and then allocating it to the group.


Is it current practice that you can manually do it now?




Hi @Damien Rosario,


In the Microsoft 365 admin center you can create a contact that appears as part of the Global Address book as seen in the attached figure.  You can can even add these to groups (DLs).  I am trying to figure out how to do this in Flow.  Flow lets me create local contacts, but not global contacts as far as I can tell.  I perform these steps manually regularly.


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Hi @BrucePmg 


Thanks for explaining.


Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything in Flow that does what you are asking for at this time.


Maybe as Flow advances we'll see that option come through or via another connector?


If someone else has seen this functionality in Flow, I'd be happy to learn where it is too!


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