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Is there a way to create a site from flow? Say that a form is filled out and triggers a flow that creates the site based on the information in the form?

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@Tonje Waasjø 
Yes there is.
Make sure you capture your Forms Data using the forms Connector.
Then you can either use an HTTP Request towards SharePoint as shown in the link below:

Or you can work with Azure Functions etc.
More examples can be found here:

Thanks so much @jonathan huysmans. Can I use this first method even though it is a modern site (site collection) and not a subsite?

@Tonje Waasjø  no you cannot using the first method, but you can use something similar if you're working with the Graph API and using the HTTP Trigger Connector in Flow.

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If it is a modern group connected site you want to create, you could use the Flow Azure AD connector action 'Create group', to create a Unified group - that will provision the modern site collection for you.

something like this:


Hi @Rob Ellis ,


But is there a way to also add a site design to this?

@Tonje Waasjø yes - you could use the 'Send an HTTP request to SharePoint' action, as explained here:


(This assumes you have already created the required site design)


Note that you would only need the HTTP request action - not the other actions from his blog.


Something like this: