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Hello everyone,


I have a gallery where the employees who are celebrating their anniversary are displayed.


For this I have a collection:
Set(varCM, Text(Now(),"mm"));

ClearCollect(colWA, Sort(EmployeeDirectory,Mjoined,Ascending));


and then in the gallery I have a filter:




In the gallery I have the fields Mjoined (single line text) and full name, I added one next to the name a calculated field that tell me how many years that employee has been in the company.


Value(varCY)-Value(ThisItem.Yjoined) & " Yrs"


So, I just need is filtering the collection with the employees has one year or more.


How do I do it?


Thank you so much in advance.

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Hello guys,


I did it by my self :stareyes:


This is the filter formula:


Sort(Filter(colWA,Mjoined = varCM && (varCY-Yjoined>0)),Djoined,Ascending)


Have a great day