Copy File - variable folder name as Destination Folder

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I am trying to create a flow to copy a file from a folder in a Document Library (called Master) to a folder with the same name in a different Document Library (called Draft) and if possible using part of the Folder Name as a variable - /Master/01 Folder A - is this possible?


My flow is as follows so far and works until the last Copy File step:

For a selected file (Site Address:, Library Name: Master)

Get file properties (Site Address:, Library Name: Master, Id: ID)

Initialize variable (Name: FileID, Type: String, Value:

Get file metadata using path (Site Address:, File Path: FileID)


...and here's where I have trouble with the Destination Site Address and Folder

Copy file (Current Site Address:, File to Copy: FileID, Destination Site Address:, Destination Folder: /Drafts/XXX


Is there a way I can use an expression to get part of the Folder Path from previous steps to fill in.


For example, if I was copying a file from Folder Path: Master/01 Folder A/, is there an expression I can use to extract just the 01 Folder A part of the string to fill in the Destination Folder so when it ran, the Destination Folder would essentially show as /Drafts/%variable% and result in /Drafts/01 Folder A or if I ran the flow from Master/02 Folder B, the Destination Folder would know the path is /Drafts/02 Folder B.


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I've just tried to use Get Folder Metadata step and I can see the correct values in Name and DisplayName but when I try to use this as a variable in the Copy File step as Destination Site address:, Destination Folder: /Drafts/DisplayName it throws a Failed to verify the existence of source object at error.

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Solved after some more work!


Created a Get Folder Metadata step

Created an Initialize Variable called FolderID, type: String, Value: DisplayName (from Get folder Metadata)


The last Copy file:

Current Site Address:

File to copy: Identifier (from Get Item)

Destination Site Address:

Destination Folder: /Drafts/FolderID (variable)