copy an mhtml document from a local share to a SharePoint Online document library on a schedule

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I know this should be a simple task but I cannot get Microsoft Flow to copy a document.  I want allow the user to select a document and then from the Flow drop down menu select the copy to 'Copy to Other Library' in which the Flow will copy the selected document form the current library to the Other Library document library.  The Other Library resides in a different site on the same tenant.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Hi John,


Which part are you having trouble with? Is Flow erroring at some point (if so, in what way)? Also, you mentioned in your subject "from a local share" and "on a schedule", but in your message I think you're saying the user would select a document from a SharePoint document library on which to run the flow... 


Can you describe your scenario and problem a bit more please?




Hello Sandy,  


Thanks for the reply.  I did finally figure it out.  I needed to start with the Flow template 'Complete a custom action for the selected file'.  I also added a couple of additional steps that get information from the selected file, copy's the file to the other document library and send an email to a receiving person if it is successful and one to the send if it fails.  If it is successful it does change the status for the sending document.