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Hi Team,


Our End-user created a Microsoft form with a series of questions and a file that she wants to send it out to our external clients who are not part of the organization.


The issue here is, with the option of the file upload "Anyone can respond" field is greyed out preventing these links to be opened by our external sender.


Is there a resolution for this?


if not can these forms be converted to power apps, this way external users can access the form.

can I get the steps to perform this or is there an alternative solution?


please note: that file is an important part of the questionnaire.




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There is not such conversion from Forms to Power Apps (At least I'm not aware of it), so you will need to create the Power App from scratch

@nish2120  as @Juan Carlos González Martín said, the Power Apps form would have to be created from scratch. But unless you have bought Power Apps Portal (which I think costs $1000 for 1000 logins) you won't be able to share the form with external people. With Microsoft Forms, it is not possible for external people to upload files. There's no obvious Office 365 solution for your situation.


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