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Hi,  I am new to SharePoint, and am looking to setup a number of Lists across different Modern sites.  


As some of the same client related data will be used across most of the various lists, I am looking at using the Common Data Service.


I can see information for using the CDS with PowerApps, but have have not been able to find any references to using the CDS with SharePoint Lists.


Is it possible to access data stored in the Common Data Service using SharePoint Lists? 

And can data updated in the CDS be written back to each appropriate SharePoint List?

Can someone point me to the relevant information?


Thanks in advance



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Did you happen to ever get an answer to this? I have the same question. I have data in CDS that I am working with when mobile in a Power App but would like some at the office to be able to access and they're used to Sharepoint. I know I could make another Power App, tablet sized, but...that seems like a lot of work.
Its then often easier to maintain the data in SharePoint , in a list , use lookup towards that list to get data into trhe other lists. Or … use Metadata. Then in a flow synchronice between other.

Hi @JarrettH 

No, I did not ever receive any answer to this question.  

Still looking for a solution.


Thanks for your suggestion @guru_1_at_OkBase 

A single Sharepoint List is not feasable.

My issue is that we are a Membership-based organisation, so the majority of our Sharepoint Lists, across multiple group sites, need to source the same Member contact information.

As the Group Sites do not talk to each other attempting to maintain multiple lists would be unmanageable.

It appears from the documentation that the Common Data Service should be able to house the data.  

I need the CDS and Sharepoint List to be a two-way communication when data is changed in any of the Lists, unfortunately the documentation seems to indicate this does not happen.

Still looking for a solution.




@Jennifer Grauer   when stating ONE , I mean one as masterdata… then you can use lookup, or you can copy or whatever. When you say site... it becomes to unclear , do you mean site collectionor subweb ?

@Jennifer Grauer Just checking if you were ever able to figure this out as our organization is also trying to go in the same route.

@Suhas Yerramsetty @Jennifer Grauer You don't need to use CDS for this (although you could write to SharePoint lists from CDS data via a flow in Power Automate). You can use Power Apps with SharePoint  lists directly as Power Apps can connect to several data sources and write data to multiple lists either directly with a Patch function or via a flow.


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