Conditional/Visible Fields Disappear Between Screens

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This is a weird one, and the subject line might even be a little off because it's hard for me to explain.  Hoping someone can help me.


I have an app that has a main/default screen with a form where some fields are "conditional" and are only viewable with certain drop-down selections.  The app is called "Meeting Minutes", and certain fields hide and show based on dropdown field "Meeting Type" is selected. 


When the screen/form is first opened, the Meeting Type must be selected to determine which fields appear (Pic "MM-1").  Then a meeting type is selected (example: "Quality - Job 7") (Pic "MM-2").  Once the meeting details are entered, the user would click the button at the bottom of the screen to go to a 2nd screen where they can add action items (these action items feed a separate SharePoint list) (Pic "MM-3").  If the user saves from the 2nd screen, there is no problem.  However, if they need to go back to the meeting minutes screen and click "Back to Meeting Minutes", the selected meeting type "Quality - Job 7" is STILL selected but all of the fields that should show for that meeting type do not appear (Pic "MM-4").  Fortunately, the data entered info the fields is still there, but the screen goes back to showing only the default fields, as if there is no meeting type selected.  You have to remove the meeting type then re-select "Quality - Job 7" then the associated fields show up again.



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Hi Stacey,
would be helpful, if you can give numbers to your pics. Additionally i would like to ask this: Is there a relationship between a meetings minutes protocoll and the assigned tasks? So far I can´t see this, also it would be good to have some screenshots on your functions for the main buttons / Forms. I suppose you have 2 tables; one for the protocols and one for the tasks within each protocol, isn´t it? Greets, Eva.

@Eva Vogel - updated description and w/picture numbering

Hi Stacey,
Thanks for your screenshots. Looks like you have to insert a variable, that is able to store the filter before or when switching to the 2. screen. With that variable it is possible to store the original filter conditions with that dropdowns. And on switching back you have to activate again that filter variable. Find out about variables in PowerApps Logics, like that tutorial here from April Dunham, maybe this helps...
Greets, Eva.
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I actually just found the problem.


I realized that it wasn't doing the problem every single time - it was only happening when "Quality - Job 7" was selected as the meeting type.  Any other selected meeting type was keeping the conditional fields.


Basically, I was switching the variables already in the OnChange of the Meeting Type dropdown field, BUT I had the vJob7 variable also in the screen's OnVisible setting.  Once I removed it there, it works perfectly!

Thanks for your help @Eva Vogel - you actually made me start thinking more about and troubleshooting the variables

Dear @StaceyLaney ,

I am happy to be helpful with that variables stuff. There is always new stuff to learn on the new logix, I know :smile: Thanks for your feedback!