Column value on SharePoint is Missing on Email


I've problem when I create new data on List SharePoint my value is not appear when email is send (using Email v2), but when I test running using power automate test value is appear.

Can anyone help for this problem?


My email template on PowerAutomate

Email Template.JPG


Value on SharePoint List

SharePoint List.JPG


Email Received when create New on SharePoint List

Email New list.JPG


Test Running using powerAutomate what I mean is like this 

Power Automate Testing.JPG



Email when Testing using PowerAutomate


Email Testing List.JPG



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Is anyone can help me?



How are you adding data to Order Number column in SharePoint list? Manually or using any script or other Power Automate flow.


Also, what is the trigger for your Power Automate flow? 

Can you please try removing trigger/action and re-adding it to flow? This sounds silly but worked for me few times.

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for order number I'm using PowerAutomate flow to generate Order Number.

I'm using Where an Item is Created , I attached screen of my flow to more detail



Trigger Where an Item is Created 




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hi, I just want to inform about this case is solved.
is using get item sharepoint before email