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I have a “multiple Choice” column in a SharePoint list which I want to copy as “text” in a new SharePoint list using power automate. When I do it using a flow, it creates unique items for each choice in the first list. How can I copy it as a simple text with each choice separated by a comma.


On the other hand, I have another column (multiple lines of text, say separated by a comma) which I want to copy to a new list as unique items. Is it possible to do that? 

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@Amiryunus the flow below will do this for you:


The multi-select column in the first list:








The Set variable above isn't actually needed unless you are manually triggering the flow and then use a Get items and then add multiple items into the second list. 


The result in the second list looks like this:



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@RobElliott Thanks a lot. It worked perfectly for me.


Can you please help me with the second part of the question? I have 4 columns (i.e., A1, A2, B1, B2) in a list. I want to create 2 items (rows) in a new list using the flow. The first item should show two columns in the new list A1 and B1, and the 2nd item will show A2 and B2. 

Thanks in advance for your help.