Checkboxes on Power Apps form will not save after submitting form via SharePoint

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Hello Power Apps community,


I have a Power Apps form that is submitted by users from a SharePoint Online list. The form contains several checkboxes, among other fields. My issue is that when a user selects a checkbox or multiple checkboxes, it does not display which checkboxes were checked after opening the saved form. My objective is to modify the form so that I will be able to open a saved form and see which checkboxes the user has checked for a given form. As of right now, I have not included any formulas for any of the checkbox properties.


I have reviewed similar discussions and I may be wrong but none seem to help my situation. Any support is greatly appreciated.

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Hello @RLUGO 


To display the selected checkboxes in a saved form, you can add a "Checkbox set" control and bind it to a field in the SharePoint list. You can then use a formula in the "Default" property of the control to set its value based on the values stored in the list field. For example:

  1. Add a "Checkbox set" control to the form.
  2. Go to the "Data" source of the form, add a new column to the SharePoint list with a "Multiple lines of text" data type.
  3. In the "Checkbox set" control, set the "Items" property to the list of checkbox options you want to display.
  4. Set the "Data field" property of the control to the new column in the SharePoint list.
  5. Set the "Default" property of the control to the following formula:
If(IsBlank(DataCardValue6.Selected), "", DataCardValue6.Selected)
  1. Save the form and test it by submitting a form with selected checkboxes.
  2. Open a saved form and you should be able to see the selected checkboxes.
Hello @Adnan Amin

Thank you for your response.

I should have clarified to begin with, the checkboxes are currently individual checkboxes that are contained within a Data Card for a multi-selection drop down. The reason I made it this way is because each checkbox is connected to an input field that will be visible if the corresponding checkbox is selected. I reference the specific checkbox# in the visible property of the corresponding input field to do this. The 'Text' property is written manually for each checkbox in order to get the corresponding options from the multi-selection drop down. I have not changed the "Item' and 'Default' properties for any checkboxes so they should be whatever is the default when they are first created.

Does this change your answer?

@Adnan Amin 

The 'Updates_DataCard1' is the data card for the multi-selection dropdown box which also houses all the checkboxes. DataCardValue8 is the actual drop down box which is currently set to visible = false.