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Hello everyone, 


I have a work flow made in Power Automate, so this workflow send an email to the user for birthday.


I'm the owner but I want to use the HR email address instead of mine.


How can I do that?


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From 'Send An Email (V2)' Flow there is an Advanced option, you can set the sender by populatin the "From" Field. Please take note that before adding the sender you need to add the connection of that email in your flow to be able to use as a sender. You can do this by navigating on the leftside of the Power Automate Dashboard,
1. click Data > Connections > Click New Connections.
2 Populate the credentials that will be used as a sender.
Thank you so much.

Juts touching bases.

Must be Office 365 Outlook connection, right?

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I was working on your proposal but I can't use the HR account, because for security reasons that account is conditioned not to sign-in, so I kept investigating and found this:


Create a service account to run the task under. Then give that service account “Send As” privileges in the HR mailbox. No connection needed.

This is correct?


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It is the best practice to use a service account rather than adding new connection on your flows. But I think this is only needed on a major flow process. But in terms of using it as an sender you need to sign the HR account to add on your connections before using as an email sender for your email flows.
Hello @zeusPH,

Thanks for your comment, but we really want to do it according to best practices. I'll explain why, this flow is a test that we are doing to develop more complex flows in the future, that's why we want to do it right from the beginning.

Could you explain to me how to make the flow work with a service account?

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Have a good one.

Hello @zeusPH


I created the service account and set the workflow, but I got this message.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 094919.png


Any idea how to fix it?


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Thats why you need to sign in first with your email address and password if adding a connection on that specific service account.



I got you!


But when I try to created the connection, I'm getting this error:


Screenshot 2022-04-07 115335.png


Any idea?



Yesterday, I did: 

Created a special account for the use of workflows,

Made the change in the sender and this morning

Created the new connection type: Office 365 Outlook

Change the sender in the last step.

And this morning I got this: 

Screenshot 2022-04-08 094215.png


Do you have any idea how to fix it?


Thanks in advance,

Never mind I got it...

Thank you so much.