Change Visible of Datacard immediately

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Hi Folks,


I'm new in PowerApps but in the past I edited my forms with InfoPath and everything was fine for me. 

Now we update to SarePoint online and we need to use PowerApps so here is my special question:


I need to toggle the visible of a Datacard based on the Value from a dropdown list. The special is, that the Values comes from a sharepoint list. So the normal way with 


visible = ThisItem.Vertragsart.value = "Lizenz"


is not working for me. I need the update immediately in the form. If I save the from than the DataCard is Visible or not but I have to make the DataCards visible or not but I need it immediately in the EditScreen.


I will add some Pics for better understanding ;)


Kind regards and thanks for hints and solutions.


Pic 1.pngPic 2.png



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I found the solution. 


the formula: 

visible = DataCardValueX.Selected.Value = "Lizenz"


Thanks @ Shane Young and his tutorial videos.