Change Link to Item Link into Task Name (Linked to Item)


I need to Update my Flow to refer to Task Name (linked to Item)Column instead of Link to Item (as it appear as full link) 

Note: Related to Column type is Single text.


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@Ghada Mehrez 


Can you please explain more your scenario, we need more information.



Hi @Ghada Mehrez 


If the "Related To" column is Multi-line text (Rich Text) rather than a Hyperlink or single-line text column, then you can include HTML tags to create a link like I think you want. 

For example, the input in the Update Item action in the attached screenshot will give you a link in the Related To column in List A, which displays just the name of the task as a hyperlink.

(Sorry, I couldn't get the image to upload within this answer, so I had to attach it.)

Does this work for you...?



@Sandy Ussia Thanks a lot sandy for your support.

I followed the steps I got the link in the related to column but the link not works when I click it is not direct me to the Item.


Corrective Action Report - All Items - Internet Explorer.png

Hi @Ghada Mehrez 

Can you please post a copy of the html code you've entered in the "Related to Action Plan" field in your flow action? 

When you click on it, does it error, or not go anywhere, or go to somewhere else?




@Sandy Ussia  Hi Sandy,

Here the HTML;

When I click on the link it is not go anywhere.

<a herf="@{body('Create_item')?['{Link}']}">@{body('Create_item')['Title']}</a>

2020-05-05 10_08_40-Edit your flow _ Power Automate - Internet Explorer.png

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Hi @Ghada Mehrez 

It looks like you have a small but important typo... it should be href rather than herf. The rest of the expression looks right to me.

Does that help?

@Sandy Ussia  Hi Sandy Thanks a lot I don't know how I miss it :) it works pretty good now.