Center of Excellence - Error Starting Flows


I'm currently setting up the core components of the CoE Starter Kit.  The import works without any issues but when I attempt to activate the sync template flows I get an error.


Failed to activate component(s). Flow client error returned with status code "BadRequest" and details "{"error":{"code":"XrmConnectionReferenceMissingConnection","message":"Connection Id missing for connection reference logical name 'admin_PowerPlatformAdminCoEConnection'."}}".




Documentation states I should enable the Flows in order but it's failing on item one:


Any assistance is appreciated.

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Hello - Even, I got stuck at the same step with the same error. If you found any solution, it would be appreciated if you share it here
Hi printscreen.

I managed to this working. I started over with the latest CoE version and followed the guide exactly as prescribed. I can only assume I missed a step in the deployment, or there was an issue with the version I had downloaded.
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Hi Barry - Thanks for your response. I figured out the reason behind this. I was able to turn on the flow from the default solution. And the other error reason was, we don't have a proper power apps licence which triggered the error. (failed to activate component error)