Cannot Find Customize Form -- Also, Where are My Forms?

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So, we are facing three big issues right now:


  1. We cannot figure out where our forms live. (The last SPO Admin left a month ago and we are trying to make some changes). We can find the lists, but cannot find the forms themselves, even though there is an empty library called "Form Templates."
  2. This document here states that we should be able to customize forms within lists using the Power Apps > Customize Forms menu. We have no such menu or option. And since InfoPath is no longer an option, how do we edit/create forms?
  3. Our list that generates "Document Type" cannot be found, but it is severely outdated. Is this because this list is generated from meta data? And if not, any suggestions of where these things live usually? (All of our other lists show up when viewing Site Contents.)

This may be an impossible endeavor and/or super easy and maybe none of you can offer/want to offer insight to our questions, but in case you can/do, I had to ask. Thank you for any help you can offer! We're kind of going a bit nuts on our end.


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@Charisma Riley 


Based on some of your other posts, it seems like you have moved on and are modernizing your sites, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask if you are still looking for guidance on this particular issue.

@Kevin McKeownHi, there! Yes, we are just (baby steps) starting to modernize, but I do have some older forms that I need to customize in the meantime, that seem to have been made with Designer and Infopath. How do I find the layout of the forms themselves in order to customize them differently? I would love to know. Thanks for responding!

@Charisma Riley 


If "Document Type" is a managed metadata column, then you can access its list of terms by going to Site Settings -> Term Store Management. This is where you will find Managed Metadata term sets and their terms.


These term sets are then usually tied to a Site Column which can be found in Site Settings -> Site Columns.


If list forms were customized, it may have been done with SharePoint Designer 2013. You would need to download this and connect to your SharePoint site to get to the customized list forms.


Logging into SharePoint Designer can be tricky, it is an non-modern form of authentication, which may be disabled in your tenant. Also, for some reason it uses cached Internet Explorer credentials to help it authenticate to your site. 


You may also need to install InfoPath.


Have you been able to connect to your site using SharePoint Designer 2013 yet?


There typically isn't one location for forms, but instead each List has its own set of forms (New, Edit, and Display). So in SharePoint Designer you would go to a List first then the specific form you need to edit. 


I sent you a message. My follow-up post here keeps getting removed for some reason.

In general,
If it is attached to a list you can usually go to List Settings > Forms and if it is InfoPath click "Modify form in InfoPath".

For XML Form Libraries (these are an old type of library specifically designed for InfoPath) you will likely need to go to SharePoint designer and use the "All Files" > Lists (if a list) or> List/Library Name > Forms (for libraries) or Item folder (for Lists) to find the file called Template.xsn

It may have another name but will have the .xsn extension. As Kevin pointed out the first step is to have InfoPath on your computer as you will need it to open the .xsn file.

After you open it you should see the form. You can then edit and use the publish function to update the form.

On lists you can use the List Settings > Forms to remove any customization (InfoPath or PowerApps).

For forms using PowerApps you can use the "PowerApps > Customize Form" link on the list menu (for modern lists) or the same as above List Settings > Forms > Customize in PowerApps

For InfoPath the .xsn file is the key. Generally people save those .xsn files somewhere. Unfortunately usually on their computer so when they leave it can be trickeir but they are on your site as well.