BPF - can't get custom entity to show in CDS- entity scrolldown



I'm trying to build a BPF where I use an entity that I have created in PowerApps. It is checked for use in BPF's and is published. 


Any tips on what I am doing wrong? 

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Hi @Tonje Waasjø 


Just for the purposes of clarity, could you define BFP and CDS please?




@Tonje Waasjø 


If you mean Business Process Flows then I'm with you now.


Unfortunately I don't use that particular part of Flow so I'm likely no help here.


Hopefully someone more versed on this can assist?


Best wishes




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@Tonje Waasjø 


In saying the above, maybe also try the experts at the PowerApps forum:


They're hardcore techies there who can help you further!




Hi @Damien Rosario,


I ment business process flow, and now I found out my problem. I was in the wrong environment! I had created a new one for testing, and forgotten to change back. 


If you want to learn more about business process flows, look at this:


Thanks for your feedback =)



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Well done @Tonje Waasjø!


Glad you got the answer you were seeking. Hope it all goes well for you.


Have a great weekend ahead!