Basic email attachment to sharepoint flow not working

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Hey Everyone!


First off, I have to preface this request by mentioned that I am a complete Flow newbie. My background is typically on the Network side of things, so messing around this this has been on an adhoc nature, with no exposure to it before.


I'm working on creating a Flow, which I believe should be fairly basic. I want to monitor my inbox, for emails from a specific sender, and save attachments to a Sharepoint folder. This is my Flow configuration:


Flow Config.PNG


This current configuration doesn't appear to be working, no attachments from the sender have been saved into the specified folder. I've verified that both my Email and Sharepoint connections are linked. When I do the test, I see the expression as false when scanning for emails, see photo below:



Test failed.PNG


Would anyone have any thoughts or ideas on why this wouldn't be working? any help would be appreciated!





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Make sure you have the "use html" or whatever option that is on the get e-mail set to true/yes, this will cause the attachments not to come across.
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Hi @Michael Callahan,

I think I would use the trigger "When a new email arrives" [not the webhook one]. This gives you more options to filter on, such as the From field. Be sure to select Has Attachment: Yes and Include Attachments: Yes for your scenario. With this trigger, you don't need to have a Get Email step - all of the information will be available from the trigger, so you can proceed to use Create File on each attachment as you have done.When a new email arrives.png



Does this help you...?


Yep! this definitely helped! have this one configured, and it looks to be working now. Much more simplified of a configuration as well. Appreciate the help!

Great, @Michael Callahan - I'm happy that helped you!