Automate training scheduling and tracking for employees based on job title

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Hi Sharepoint Community,


Background:  We have training plans developed for each job position in my company.  Based on their job title, each employee is required to have certain initial and  annual trainings.  


My goals:

1. Have a task list of scheduled trainings automatically created for each employee based on their job title, and the required trainings associated with that job title.

2. Give managers the ability to "check off" or approve/verify the completion of a trainings as the employee completes them. 

3. I was considering making an interface for this in power apps, but am open to other suggestions.


Attached is a very basic example of two lists I currently have:

1. Employee List - Lists employee names and job title

2. Training List - Lists job title, required annual trainings and required initial trainings.  Right now, the trainings for each job are stored as multiple items within each cell.  But I could change this format if needed (e.g. create a new row for each unique combination of job title and training).


I am new to using Sharepoint Lists and just barely dipping my toes into power apps, power automate and flows.  I'm a pretty quick study, use a bit of code here and there, but am hoping to complete this with minimal or zero coding.  


Any general or specific advice you can provide would be appreciated!  


Open to an entirely different approach if you have other ideas.  


Thank you!



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