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I have created a flow that will send a document to a manager for them to approve, but when I use a Word Online document, the 'Link to Item' link doesn't work - it just gives a 404. I could be wrong but I'm assuming it's due to the receiver not having permissions to access it. How do I alter them so they can view it?

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Hi @timparsons,


First I'd recommend you check out the Flow Community, with lots of great info and answers there.  Can you explain what you mean by "When I use a Word online document"?  Can you provide screenshots of your Flow to better understand what your Flow is doing?  How are you getting the file before your approval action?  What trigger is it using?  From where are you using the Link to item that is in the Approval action?  Hopefully that will help shed some light on the issue.  Who is the owner of the Flow, and the account used for the connections?  A 404 could be permissions.  Can you or another admin user open the same URL just fine with no error?  Have you verified whether if the receiving user has rights to the document?